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Corporate Events are all about how people feel. They will remember great events because it touches their heart and creates lasting connections.

What Kinds of Corporate Events

Interactive entertainment, team building, trade show booth engagement, product launches, and custom facilitation is about creating engagement and lasting positive relationships between companies and clients and management and employees.

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The Secret Behind What We Do

We challenge people's perceptions and violate their expectations about life. You will question your reality yet at the same time you will laugh and have a really great time. You will interact with others and enjoy the surprises together. This is a great way to get people to your trade show booth, creates tighter teams, and learn about a product or service.

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The great thing about what Christian & Katalina do is that it opens minds and boosts morale. Your clients and employees will have something unique and interesting to talk about resulting in increased loyalty and retention of clients and staff. We create a unique environment for engagement and stimulation of emotional connections.

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