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Big Fun Means Big Business

Corporate Event SuccessIndustry expert John Daly says “Big fun is serious business.” The special events industry worldwide spends $500 billion annually.

In a piece titled “Goodwill Hunting”, Krista Thoren Turner offers two pieces of advice for corporate event planners:

1. Go to the wall for clients.
All the event planners Turner interviewed mentioned the need to “make it right” at all costs.

2. Offer something they can’t get elsewhere.
More and more, Turner points out, clients want the “different” and “unusual”.

The second one is where Christian and Katalina come in.  Our corporate entertainers have been working with event planners for more than fifteen years, taking pains to tailor each show to that specific situation. “Every audience is different.  The key is to ask the right questions to put together the perfect show for each situation,” says Katalina.

“Sometimes our audience consists of only corporate executives at a retreat.  Another time we may have spouses along with employees for an awards celebration.  Or we may have an international audience made up of sales or IT professionals.  Knowing who will be there is critical to ensuring we tailor each show to the audience,” says Christian.

Here at the Mind Tripping team, our advice to anyone planning an event is to provide the entertainer with the following information:

  • The purpose of the corporate event
  • The goals the company is trying to achieve
  • Who will be in the audience – will it be employees? Executives? Spouses? Will there be people from various departments such as sales, IT, HR, or marketing? Will there be international guests?

Working closely with the event planning team, entertainers can help deliver a hugely successful event.

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team


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