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“Don’t leave your tables dull and undecorated,” is stumpsparty.com’s advice to corporate event planners. An eye-catching centerpiece will spark conversation and set the theme for the fun and festive event, Stumps adds.” You may even allow your guests to take home unique centerpieces as party favors at the end of the night.”Corporate Event Centerpiece

When our Mind Tripping team is arriving to provide the entertainment at a corporate event, we all love seeing innovative and decorative touches that embody the theme for that gathering.  But when it comes to table centerpieces, all too often we find them turning into conversation stoppers rather than conversation starters. How does that happen?

  • The centerpieces are too big and too tall.
  • People can’t see across the table to talk to each other.
  • Audience members can’t see the performers!

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating: for an event to have real impact, audience members need to engage – with each other as well as with the speakers or entertainers.

The importance of “line of sight” to any performer cannot be over-emphasized. No matter how beautiful and interesting table centerpieces might be, if they block the view, preventing audience members from feeling connected to each other and to the performers, they are not serving their intended purpose.

As  corporate meeting planners in Indianapolis, you have a purpose in mind when you plan each event.  That purpose may be to inform, to motivate, to demonstrate, to create goodwill. Master entertainers Christian and Katalina are there to help your clients do those things by creating distortions in the audience’s perception of reality. They know that entertainment will have a powerful effect when it touches people emotionally and gives them a sense of connection.

So, no, don’t leave the tables dull and undecorated, because it’s true: an eye-catching centerpiece will spark conversation and set the theme.  But, please, don’t let the centerpieces be so big and obtrusive as to become conversation stoppers!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team


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