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Goal for Corporate Events

Christian & Katalina’s goal for corporate events is to be Corporate Goodwill Ambassadors for the organization by assisting with the intangibles that are an essential part of doing business.

  • Creating a Unique ExperienceChristian & Katalina Entertain at Company 40th Anniversary Dinner Conference kick-off entertainment
  • Connecting with People
  • Generating Positive Energy and Excitement

They understand that companies are constantly working to maintain relationships with old clients and generate relationships with new clients.  Their objective is to increase revenue by fulfilling the business needs of their customers.  Companies also seek to create an emotional hook with their clients, one that will create a warm feeling about their company.

Engagement is the key to Corporate Events

Christian and Katalina are experts at delivering the intangibles. They provide the emotional connection that companies desire and customers treasure.  Using clever and exciting entertainment, Christian & Katalina not only capture a client’s attention, but their heart as well.  They create a genuine lasting impression that clients naturally associate with your organization.

Do you want to deliver a message that people will remember?  They will wrap your message in enjoyable entertainment that will facilitate better retention by the audience.  Christian & Katalina’s superb interpersonal communication skills and fast paced entertainment lead to a powerful lasting impression for your clients or employees.

Benefits that Christian & Katalina offer:

  • Learning and message retention in an ambiance of fun.
  • Using entertainment to stay connected to customers and clients.
  • Wrapping a message in a unique presentation that will rivet your customer’s attention.
  • Creating an atmosphere of caring and enjoyment within your company.
  • Using excitement and energy at a trade show to attract new customers to your booth and increase sales leads.

Here is what Christian & Katalina tell potential clients who want to hire them:   

Trade show engagement

Katalina:  “We are an extension of the company. It is our job to assist in generating revenue for the company. Now we don’t do this in the traditional way that sales people or employees do. What we do is contribute to the emotional health and well being of a company’s clients by creating for them a positive experience that becomes associated with the company. Business has to be fun and enjoyable. And if you can create that emotional connection between a company and its clients, you have greatly increased the loyalty of customers and employees.”        

Christian: “There are many different ways to contribute to a company’s revenue. Take Trade Shows for example. The goal for a company that sets up a booth at a trade show is to generate new sales leads. With the huge numbers of booths, how does a company stand out? How will you get attendees to your booth versus your competitors? Well entertainment is a great way to accomplish this. This also goes for a hospitality suite at a convention or conference. Our entertainment gives people something to talk about – a shared connection – that is priceless.”

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