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Events Offer Local Flavor

IndianaIndianapolis, we’re proud to say, is a place with many unique experiences to offer to out-of-town visitors. Sure, Indy is known for the Indy 500 and for the Colts, but as savvy event planners know, people who come here for a corporate event want more. After all, when we visit a new city, what we remember are the things that set that place apart from all the other cities we’ve seen.

Corporate event planners are in a unique position to help support the local economy while showing guests what’s new and different in Hoosierland. In general, the trend is for planners to stay domestic rather than international with their meetings, explains the 2014 Travel Price Forecast , so that “new and different” will have a localized flair.

“Locally sourced food will be predominantly featured on menus,” says the Milwaukee Business Journal, with an emphasis on healthy eating.                  .

When it comes to entertainment, Meetings Magazine says there’s a trend toward the more intimate, cheaper, more unexpected or some combination of the three. “Especially effective is the chance for low-stakes interaction among people who typically don’t mingle — the salespeople and the corporate officers”.

Here at the Mind Tripping team, we feel very much in tune with the latest event planning trends:

Unique to Indiana:
The Mind Tripping Show is the longest running live theatre show, and it’s right here in Indianapolis.

Mind reading, influence, psychological Illusions, and comedy combine to create a fantastically different group experience.

Low-stakes interaction among people who typically don’t mingle happens when corporate employees and clients engage with each other in a fun, friendly way.

At the Mind Tripping team, we use customized show planning and tailored team-building activities to create an atmosphere of learning and laughing together.

Attendees may come from near and far, but savvy Indianapolis corporate event planners keep the flavor local!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team


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