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Events to Boost Corporate Goals

Corporate Events for Corporate Objectives

“Corporate events must also help further corporate objectives,” cautions Anne Thornley-Brown of blog.event.com. “For all events, designing experiences that are interactive and engaging for participants is important,” she explains, “but that’s only part of the package.”

Here at Corporate Events Indianapolis, we couldn’t agree more. As our own corporate team plans this year’s programs, the goal is to deliver benefits that extend beyond the meeting place and beyond the brief time of the audience encounter.

We know that, as meeting and event planners, you’re tasked with putting together a satisfying company event with tighter budget constraints.  And, with a work force that’s become more diversified, finding programs that will appeal to all and offend none is becoming more of a challenge.

In fact, tailoring each show, team building, or facilitation to a corporate client’s precise objectives has been a big part of the fun for Christian and Katalina over the past fifteen years.  What is the company trying to achieve in hosting the event? is the first thing they need to know.

Is the purpose to show employee appreciation?  Will spouses and significant others be in attendance? Who better to exemplify the role supportive relationships play in furthering employee and company goals than our very own husband and wife Mind Tripping Show couple?

Is one goal of your event to educate employees about a new product or service offering?
Mind tripping fun and surprise become teaching tools, making corporate concepts truly entertaining.

Corporate events in Indianapolis that incorporate astonishment and awe for clients and staff make for excellent teambuilding.  Nothing beats the emotional connection forged by laughing together.

And if the event is a trade show, mind-tripping illusions generate excitement and energy and maximize traffic flow to your booth.

Yes, as blogevent.com so rightly observed, designing experiences for corporate events is important, but that’s only part of the package. Corporate events have to help further corporate objectives!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team



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