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Five-Point List for Hiring Entertainers

To do listWe have nothing but admiration and respect for corporate event planners, we can tell you.  It’s no easy job they have, and, with audiences becoming ever more diverse, the job isn’t getting any easier. As Locoloboevents sums up the situation, “Being in charge of corporate event entertainment can be incredibly stressful.”

Here at Corporate Events Indianapolis, where we work with companies from all over the country, all with highly diverse work forces, we’ve developed a to-do list meeting planners have found useful as they get ready to hire entertainers:

1. Check out entertainers’ online resources, including their websites, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube postings. Take time to look at their pictures and videos. You’ll get a better “feel” for the entertainers’ style and professional presence, and be able to tell if  they would be a good fit for your meeting.

2. Ask for a media kit (this should contain bio, photos, posters, technical requirements, background, etc.).  You can use this information to present to your committee.

3. Ask questions:

  • How long have you been doing this professionally?
  • Do you have a 45-60 minute show or presentation?
  • How much audience participation will be involved?
  • Is your material “clean” and appropriate for a professional setting?
  • What equipment will you be bringing to the show?
  • Do you have insurance?
  • What do you know about our company? (You wouldn’t want to interview a prospective employee who hadn’t done any homework, now would you?)

4.  Ask for corporate references.  (LinkedIn is also a great tool for finding recommendations.)

5. See a live show if possible.  This is the absolute best way to “vet” entertainers. But even after you’ve seen the performance, be sure to discuss how well the entertainer is able to tailor that show to fit your specific audience and occasion.

Tell you what – if you’re an event planner, we have nothing but the greatest respect for the very challenging function you perform.  That’s why we work so hard to ensure that each show is customized for each client’s needs.

In fact, here at the Mind Tripping show, we have one big to-do on our list when it comes to corporate events in Indianapolis: Incorporate specific themes that serve to unite, never offend, eliciting smiles on every face in the room! 
by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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