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Fun Facilitation FOR New Products

There’s a better way to skin the proverbial new product training cat. When one important purpose for holding a corporate event is to introduce new product offerings to the sales force, turn the lights up, put the Power Point® on hold, and start the fun facilitation. People absorb information more quickly when they’re engaged and having fun, explain Midwest corporate entertainers Christian and Katalina.

Helping hundreds of companies unveil their latest products to audiences of corporate partners or sales force members has confirmed the pair of master entertainers’ theory about the power of education through fun.  How does it work?  They custom-tailor a series of audience participation exercises around the special features and benefits of new product lines and services.

“Learning is fun when errors don’t feel like failures,” writes educator Bernard De Koven in deepfun.com. Full engagement, he adds, leads to “flow”. “Flow is a sense of focusing so fully that we lose sense of time, discomfort, even self.”

Use fun facilitation to introduce products at corporate events!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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