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Getting to Know You is Key

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Self-awareness is key for high-performing, adaptive teams, teaches the Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies at Cornell University. On the Mind-Tripping team at Corporate Events Indianapolis, we couldn’t agree more. In fact, quite often, our mission at an Indianapolis corporate events is to help teams do what the Cornell study calls “build mental structures that create common understanding among members.” One key finding of the Cornell researchers, was that “the more that team members engage in role identification exchanges…the better the team’s performance.” Knowing that, our master team builders Christian and Katalina make it their practice to create customized team building exercises to help integrate employees into the company or department, and improve relations between team members and work groups. Workshopexercises.com explains that self-aware teams are tuned into three core dynamics:

  • The team is connected to a team identity
  • The team is connected with all parts of the organization
  • The team is connected to new information

Self-awareness is the most important aspect of emotional intelligence, according to mindtools.com. At our corporate events Indianapolis team, often our clients tell us they want to integrate new employees into a department, allow employees to practice collaborative problem solving techniques. The Mind-Tripping process is ideal for doing just that in a fun, relaxed manner, making each individual aware that things are not always as they seem. People who are self-aware understand how their own thoughts and emotions affect those around them. Getting to know you is key for corporate entertainment in Indianapolis!

– By Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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