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“More and more event planners are incorporating cultural aspects of their destination into their meeting agendas,” observes oncallinternational.com as part of its piece on “Top 10 Trends for Corporate Meeting Planning”.

On Call’s Jessica Bolduc is referring to hosting off-site outings and dinners for corporate meeting attendees, but here at the Mind Tripping team, we know it’s possible to incorporate local culture into the program without attendees needing to step foot outside the primary venue!

Local culture provides a sense of identity for communities and residents… Culture contributes to building a sense of local identity and solidarity,” explains University of Florida’s IFAS Extension. And, while the professors who authored the EDIS piece are talking about community development initiatives, here at Mind Tripping we know the same concept holds true in planning the entertainment for corporate events.

As Ben Goedegebuure of the Maritz Travel Company notes, “An increasingly global economy means international meetings and events are on the rise.  While planning meetings in the United States comes as second nature to many of us, planning a global meeting that resonates across geographic borders and incorporates regional flare can be a bit more difficult.”

Christian and Katalina would agree and then some.  Even if a particular corporate event includes only U.S. residents, the audience is likely to include many different cultures. Because the pair has traveled so much, their knowledge of different cultures becomes a key aspect in creating rapport, both between themselves and audience members, and among the audience members themselves.

In each of the midwest cities in which our master entertainers perform, there’s a wealth of local cultural destinations that can be incorporated into the meeting agenda.  When meeting planners work together with the Mind Tripping team, though, cultural aspects can be explored without attendees ever exiting the primary meeting facility!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events blog team

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