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Make Friends With Your CVB

louisvilleConsider a convention and visitor bureau (CVB) a meeting planning Yellow Pages. You don’t even have to let your fingers do the walking; the CVB will do that for you as well,” says empowerMINT.com. Convention and Visitors Bureaus do a lot more than simply booking hotel rooms and convention spaces, empowerMINT.com adds.  “They are responsible for introducing planners to a full range of meeting-related products and services the city has to offer.”

Here at Corporate Events Indianapolis, we know. We are a partner of Visit Indy, our CVB here in Indianapolis. They are a fantastic group of people helping corporate partners and tourists have a wonderful experience in Indianapolis.  In every city, region, or country in which our Midwest corporate entertainers perform, they see what an important role the local CVB plays in making the event a success. CVB’s, as empowerMINT.com explains, represent the gamut of visitor-related businesses, “from restaurants and retail to rental cars and racetracks.”

For example, when it comes to entertainment in Louisville, Kentucky (a place where Christian and Katalina have often been an important part of various corporate events), the Louisville Convention and Visitors Bureau provides a full list of things visitors can “see, do, taste, and stay”, including museums, outdoor activities. Anything to do with the Kentucky Derby, needless to say, is on our  favorite list.

When Christian and Katalina are working a trade show in Cincinnati, Ohio, there’s never a lack of interesting local attractions attendees can choose before and after trade show is in progress. On any one day Cincinnati USA website is likely to list 120-140 events!

For us at Corporate Events, where we specialize in mind bending illusions, the tremendous service any city’s convention and visitors’ bureau provides is far from an illusion!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events blog team

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