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Midwest Meetings Make Things Happen

“Meetings move us forward” reads the header of Meeting Professionals International home page. “When people get together, things get done.”

How true. Our Corporate Events Indianapolis team understands what the MPI leaders mean when they talk about the transformative value that meetings provide. There’s a reason why, in this digital connectivity age, companies continue to bring people together face-to-face at destinations in the Midwest.

One reason face to face meetings are important is team building, which continues to be a strong industry trend, as are meeting activities that include  ways to motivate, inspire, and build camaraderie with colleagues. At Corporate Events Indianapolis, we’ve learned that nothing beats the emotional connection forged by brainstorming – and laughing – together, in person!

There’s always a risk in spending all the time and capital putting together a big corporate meeting, Andrea Driessen of MPI writes. But, she cautions, “there’s a risk in not risking. Corporate meetings have the potential to set the stage for managers to be more change ready.  That can’t happen, she says, even in a face-to-face meeting, if it is structured in the same old way.

Again, how true! As we work with companies from all over the country, we know that being in charge of planning a corporate event can be challenging, and being in charge of hiring corporate event entertainers even more of a challenge. To reduce risk, we advise event planners to go beyond checking out entertainers’ online resources to what extent that material can be tailored to fit your specific audience and occasion.

There’s never a risk of “same-old, same-old” with master corporate event entertainers Christian and Katalina, who incorporate different elements into each performance. Using the power of surprise, the husband-wife team help set the stage for introducing the product and policy change that created the need to bring the people together at that place and time.

“When people get together for a combination of brainstorming, information-sharing, and FUN – things start to happen at Midwest corporate events!

By Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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