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Shaking handsHow can you know you’re hiring a professional entertainer? “Professional” is the operative term here.  As a professional in event planning yourself or someone who has been give this additional duty, you know you can ill afford to trust any of the elements of a corporate event to even well-meaning amateurs. Here are some smart steps for “vetting” performers:

1.   Once you’ve checked out the entertainer’s website, ask for a media kit.  A typical kit contains bios and photos of the entertainer(s), a description of the show or presentation, plus references.

2.   Just as would be true of a resume when someone is applying for a job, references must be verifiable, meaning there is contact information for that company and for the individual who hired the entertainer(s).
3.   Ask for demo tapes of actual performances, showing real audience members viewing and participating in the show.

4.   Does the entertainer have a printed contract for you to sign? Seasoned professionals will be organized from a business point of view.

5.   Going to see an actual show is always a good idea, but even if you are able to do that, it’s important to discuss how that show can be tailored to fit your specific client’s needs.

Conversations with entertainers can offer valuable cues. Be sure to pose this question: “What do you know about our company/ my client’s company?” (Someone truly interested in the opportunity will have done some homework!)

Here on the Mind Tripping team, we understand that entertainment is all about how people feel.  “They will remember great entertainment because it touches them and connects them,” asserts Katalina. In seeking professional entertainers for a corporate event, one litmus test is how YOU, the meeting planner, feel. 

Remember, “Professional” is the operative word when it comes to corporate entertainment in Indianapolis!

– By Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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