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Project Positive Vibes!

Happily Married Christian and Katalina of the Mind Tripping Show“There are all kinds of reasons not to want couples working in the same department (or even in the same company, for that matter,” observes Askamanager.org. Corporate managers wonder, Nanani of Askamanager points out:

  • Will you two be able to work on projects together professionally?
  • Will you act in ways that make others uncomfortable?
  • Will you cause drama or tension?

Takeflyte.com looks at the coworker spouse issue from the couple’s point of view. Marketing company’s co-owners Rich and Cybele Brooks offer several suggestions for making husband-wife business run smoothly:

  • Set up areas where each of you is “boss” and has the final say when there’s a decision to be made.
  • Balance your strengths (Rich is big-picture; Cybele is detail-oriented.
  • Don’t bring work home.

When corporate event planners hire husband-wife entertainers, they sometimes have concerns about the pair sharing the limelight and about their ability to make both single and married members of the audience feel comfortable.

In fact, as corporate event audiences become more and more diverse, with personal relationships ever more complex  – and sometimes nontraditioinal – it’s no easy task selecting appropriate entertainment tailored to each organization’s goals.

Over our many years of offering the Mind Tripping show at Indianapolis corporate events, the image we’ve worked hard to project is that of a loving, positive relationship that makes both business and home life work. In fact, when we ask people what they liked best about the show, many times we hear it was the interaction between our performing duo Christian and Katalina!

For event planners there are all kinds of reasons to want just that kind of positive personal entertainment vibe at their next corporate event!
– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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