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Psychology of Home Creates Rapport

“There’s a reason why the first thing we often ask someone when we meet them, right after we Home Sweet homelearn their name, is ‘Where’s home for you?’”, says Julie Beck, writing in the Atlantic. Beck quotes psychologist Susan Clayton, who explains that for many people, their home is part of their self-definition.

Yes, we know. In fact, here at the Corporate Events Indianapolis team, we realize that a large part of the Mind Tripping show’s success has to do with the instant rapport Christian and Katalina are able to create with the audience.  Because our Mind Tripping entertainers have traveled so much, they know about other countries and cultures and have performed in just about every state in the U.S.

Although our performers are expert entertainers, the connections they are able to create with audience members simply by sharing comments about where those people live, are far from illusionary.

Often a corporate event in Indiana will include attendees from many different states and sometimes from several different countries.  And, despite the fact that most of us have not lived in only one place for our entire lives, we all, according to Beck, “recognize the importance of place”. The reason we ask someone where they’re from is that the answer tells us something important about them.

Christian and Katalina understand.  Since meeting in the army back in 1994, the couple has traveled widely, performing their psychological-thriller-fantasy mind tripping shows for audiences country wide.

What places have you called home? Don’t be surprised if Christian and Katalina can recall some special landmark or spot there, creating a special mind-tripping memory you can share.

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team



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