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Entertainment Experience Wave

Event planners, says Event Tech Lab founder James Morgan, can use technology as well as face-to-face interactions to create an attendee Experience Wave.

Like riding the waves in the ocean, the attendees at a corporate event should experience both “ups” and “downs”, fluctuating between being passive audience members and being participants. The term “audience”, Morgan explains, implies a one-way passive communication, while the term “participant” implies a two-way co-creative communication.

“As an event planner,” he concludes, “it’s your job to decipher what your attendees will perceive as the benefits of attending your event. Translating those perceived benefits into an experience wave that is based on both active and passive experience…is the way in which you can produce a combination of unique moments in time.”

Helping event planners produce unique moments in time at corporate events comes naturally to corporate entertainers Christian and Katalina. Since our husband-wife team have been performing for over fifteen years, being in front of – and in the midst of – an audience is hardly stressful for them.  But, of course, that isn’t necessarily the case with every audience member,but Christian and Katalina have been able to immediately assess how people feel and ensure that each person has a positive experience.

Skillful meeting planners, just like skillful performers, learn how to do what Morgan refers to as “manipulating spatial dynamics and content”.  The goal is for audience members to remain engaged without becoming exhausted!

In creating successful Midwest corporate events, use technology, space, and partnering with presenters to create an attendee experience wave!

 By Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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