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Event Line of Sight


Sure, you want the corporate event you’re planning to leave your guests entertained, amused and educated.  Every sponsoring company pictures its employees remembering the meal and the show or speech that follows for many months to come.

As a meeting planner, you know that for that kind of impact to happen, audience members need to be engaged, totally caught up in the goings-on.

Event planning blogger Leigh Murdock names five factors that affect meeting room set-up:
1. Will you be using audio-visual equipment?
2. Will banquet staff be serving, replenishing, or setting up during the event?
3. Will there be a head table?
4. Will there be displays or demonstrations in the room?
5. Will there be breakout sessions inside that same room?

After challenging audience perceptions during more than 2,000 Mind Tripping shows, Christian and Katalina would say there’s one thing that trumps all five of those factors — line of sight.

Since the audience is such an intimate part of each comedy-with-a-psychological-twist Mind Trip, all of us here at Corporate Entertainment Indianapolis have learned the importance of eye contact. “Entertainment is all about how people feel,” our husband and wife duo emphasize.  “They will remember great entertainment because it touches them and connects them.” No matter how large the audience, they remind meeting planners, the room needs to be set up to allow each guest the ability to “mesh mental gears” with the platform speakers and performers.

“We get meaning from looking into someone’s eyes, sometimes even more than what the words express,” says public speaking coach Lisa B. Marshall. Here at Corporate Events Indianapolis, we couldn’t agree more. Like Marshall, who says she likes to think of the audience as one person with a lot of heads, we think of the audience as one person with a lot of minds –and loads of mind blowing potential!

The purpose of the event you’re planning may be to inform, to inspire, to motivate, or instruct. (In our case, it’s to do any or all those things by creating profound distortions in our audience’s perception of reality.)

Whatever the type of event you’re planning, to engage the audience, set up the site to preserve their line of sight!

By Rebecca of the Corporate Events blog team

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