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Setting up Your Event Space

As a meeting planner, you know that for an event to have real impact, audience members need to engage with the speakers or entertainers you’ve hired. You’re very aware that any sponsoring company pictures its employees remembering what they’ve heard, seen, and felt at that meeting for months to come.

Unfortunately, we’ve found, all too often even very professional and hardworking planners fail to consider the crucial role played by one very simple factor:

The set-up of the meeting room itself

After challenging audience perceptions during more than 2,000 Mind Tripping shows, Christian and Katalina cannot say enough about how important line of sight is to any performer. Why is that so?  In order for audience members to feel connected to each other and to the performer, the closer everybody is to each other, the better.

Tip #1: If at all possible, move the dance floor to the back.

Performers are there to create energy and engagement. You don’t want the dance floor to be a barrier between them and the listeners. Here’s one example of a poorly designed setup:

Event Layout terrible

Tip #2: Scrap the head table or position it at the side of the room.

The worst possible scenario shown below forces performers to keep turning in different directions. The emotions created will come in uneven waves, which distracts everyone and destroys the impact of the performance. Here’s a worst-case, all-too-common example:

Terrible event layoutDoing it right: Even with very large audiences, Katalina explains, it’s possible for her and Christian to get “up close and personal” – so long as the line of sight is preserved.  Here’s an example of a very effective room set up:

great event layout

For mind-trippingly effective entertainment at corporate events, remember – the closer everybody is to each other, the better!

– By Rebecca of the Corporate Events blog team

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