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Start with a Budget in Mind

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When planning an event, many start backward, observes Houston entertainer Robert Berry.  They call caterers, entertainers, and halls to get prices, then submit those for approval, having to start all over when the approved budget does not cover the expenses.

Knowing the budget allows a planner to divide it into thirds, Berry says:

1.  Facility (this includes location itself, linens, and decorations)
2.  Food (this includes food, beverages, and wait staff)
3.  Entertainment (this covers everything else, including lighting, sound, performers)

“First, we must choose our entertainment,” says Berry, “as this might influence our theme and therefore our decorations and other activities.” Here at the Mind Tripping show, we couldn’t agree more.

However, there’s one part of Berry’s advice with which we don’t necessarily agree. When planners choose a theme, then ask entertainers to adjust their acts to match that theme, Berry views that as a very bad thing.  “Most polished acts have been performed the exact same way for years.  To ask the performer to adapt is like asking a great artist to add more pink to his portrait to match the drapes.”

Our take on the matter?   While not every entertainer is suitable for every situation, master entertainers should work to tailor each show to a corporate client’s precise objectives. (In fact, that’s been a big part of the fun for Christian and Katalina over the past fifteen years!)

What is the company trying to achieve in hosting the event? Is the purpose to show employee appreciation?  To educate employees about a new product or service offering? Teambuilding?  Maximizing traffic flow to a trade show booth?

Customizing corporate entertainment to include each client’s specific message, theme, product end result – and budget? We believe that’s part of what master entertainers do. And, no, Mr. Berry, our shows are not performed the exact same way each time. And, yes, at the Mind Tripping show, (if we determine that our show is appropriate for your goals), we’ll be happy to put “pink in the painting to match the drapes!”
– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team


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