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Sweet Spot for Corporate Events

Corporate Entertainers Christian & Katalina

John Venn invented the Venn Diagram as an organizational tool to visually contrast and compare relationships among different groups of things. In the overlapping part of the diagram is a “sweet spot”, where the separate elements share common ground.

Event planners, as we at Corporate Events Indianapolis have found, deal with myriad details. Those many tasks fall into three basic categories: the venue, the catering, and the entertainment. The Venn “sweet spot”? The corporate objectives for that event.

As our Mind Tripping team meets with each client, we know the goal must be to deliver programming that hits that “sweet spot”, delivering benefits that extend beyond the meeting place and beyond the brief time of the audience encounter.

What is the company trying to achieve in hosting the event?  That’s the very first thing Christian and Katalina need to know. Is the purpose to show employee appreciation?  Is it to educate employees about a new product or service offering?  To introduce employees from different departments to each other? To maximize traffic flow to a trade show booth?

Over the many years of providing in-person entertainment for corporate events in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, the Midwest and all over the world,  we’ve learned that the power of live entertainment goes even deeper than a pushback against an over-digitalized work environment.  As Natasha Garber relates in specialevents.com, an entertainer from Cirque du Soleil expressed it best: “We allow guests to rediscover their humanity”.

Planning a corporate event in Indianapolis means paying attention to all the tasks – the venue, the catering, and the entertainment.  But the ”sweet spot”, the thing that makes it all hang together, will always be the corporate objective!
– By Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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