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The Goldilocks Rule for Events

Beautiful Goldilocks woman with bowls of too hot, too cold and just right porridge.


One of the most popular English language fairy tales ever known, the story of “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”, became known in its present form as far back as the early 1900s.  When the little girl goes for a walk in the forest and enters a house, she finds three bowls of porridge.  In the first bowl the porridge is too hot, in the second it’s too cold, but the porridge in the last bowl is “just right”. Next, Goldilocks tries out the three chairs. Two are too big for her; the third is “just right”.  Upstairs in the bedroom, Goldilocks finds the first bed too hard, the second too soft, the third “just right”.

Here at Corporate Events Indianapolis, where we work with companies from all over the country, it occurs to us that when it comes to booking entertainment, corporate event planners and HR professionals face the same dilemma as Goldilocks did – finding what is “just right”. As entertainmentideas.com points out, entertainment needs to be

  • in keeping with the overall theme of the event
  • well-suited to the audience
  • within the event budget
  • filling the right amount of time (“Too much and the event will lose focus, not enough and guests will be bored).”

We’ve developed our own to-do list for event planners who are getting ready to hire entertainers:

  • Check out entertainers’ online resources, including their websites, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube postings.
  • Ask for a media kit (this should contain bio, photos, posters, technical requirements, background, etc.).
  • Ask questions about program length, appropriateness of material for a professional setting, equipment needs, insurance.
  • Ask for corporate references and referrals from other event planners.

Achieving “just right” impact at an event also involves making potential impactful decisions for the event as a whole, including

o Incorporating cultural aspects of the destination into attendees’ experience
o Using technology to encourage and track registration and check-in
o Making food choices that are distinctive and health-conscious
o Making eco-sensitive information dissemination  and food service choices
o Incorporating team building activities as part of the entertainment segment

Entertainment is all about how people feel, our team at Corporate Events team realizes. When it touches them and connects them, attendees will “return” to their recollections of great entertainment and of the insights they gained from it. For your part, as an event planner you’re very aware that any sponsoring company pictures its employees remembering what they heard, saw, and felt at that event and coming back to those messages for months to come.

It’s the Goldilocks Rule for event planners – make sure the entertainment is just right!
– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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