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Thinking Fast and Slow

Fast and Slow Signs

There are two basic systems by which our thoughts process information, explains Nobel prizewinner economist Daniel Kahneman in Thinking Fast and Slow.

– System 2 represents the conscious, reasonable self that has beliefs, makes choices, and decides what to do.

– System 1 is automatic and unconscious, operating automatically and quickly with little or not effort, “monitoring the outside environment and forming quick and dirty impressions.” System 1 is always alert for opportunities and emergencies, and it often takes shortcuts and makes educated guesses. If System 1 senses that something of importance has come up, it mobilizes System 2 to help out.

In today’s world, we’re constantly bombarded with emotionally charged information, and nowhere is that more true than in the workplace. As event professionals, you know that one crucially important function corporate entertainers perform at any Indiana corporate event is to help create common understanding among corporate employees and among workplace departments.

In fact, as our expert entertainers Christian and Katalina work to customize each of their programs to fit the specific goals each Midwest company has set out for its event, they look for ways to make attendees aware that things are not always as they appear (based on System 1 first impressions). Through fascinating and fun team exercises, the duo know from experience, they will be able to help employees practice collaborative problem-solving techniques, even foster  acceptance of departmental changes and policy shifts that are taking place.

Sound heavy? It’s simply a matter of allowing System 2 to “take over” and move the mind from panic mode to more rational thinking. Mind Tripping, as our corporate event audiences later admit with a smile, relaxed them down a direct path to their conscious, reasonable selves. With System 2 back in control, they were ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.


– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indiana blog team

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