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Trade Show Booth Engagement

Trade Show Booth Engagement

“Most companies spend a significant amount of time, money, and resources exhibiting at trade shows,” observes Jillian Axtell of livemarketing.com. Yet, time and time again, Axtell notes, companies pay too little attention to the one element most critical to trade show success – their booth staff.

No strangers to trade shows, our Mind Tripping performers Christian and Katalina agree. Drawing traffic flow to an exhibitor’s booth comes only as a result of careful preparation and skill. And, while there’s no doubt people are drawn to a booth out of curiosity about the “mind reading” abilities of our master entertainers, that’s only the beginning. The crux of the matter, as Jillian Axtell stresses, is that booth staffers need to be prepared to engage face-to-face with the company’s target audience.

Livemarketing.com’s booth staff trainer Rick Grubbs, recommends three “kick-starters” for conversations.

  1. Make it open-ended.  Ditch the “Can I help you?” question in favor of “Are you familiar with Company A?’
  2. Lead with a value proposition: “What is your company doing to lower your total cost of ownership?” Or, “How many proprietary systems does your company need to account for now?”
  3. Keep it generic (rather than discussing one solution or one product you have): “What are you looking for at the show?”

Those are techniques our well-prepared duo is used to using to help company reps interact with guests and qualifying them as potential buyers or trade partners. All the Mind Tripping fun and mystery is great for creating buzz, but Christian and Katalina are working together with the booth staffer towards the company’s goals of gathering valuable intelligence and forging new relationships.


– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team



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