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Trade Show Disengagement

trade show floorMy trade show maven friend Jane Thompson writes about people who don’t know how to say goodbye. “When you are prepping your booth staff for a show,” she warns, “don’t forget to prepare them for the eventuality of having to extract themselves from a conversation with an attendee who is ‘going on too long’”.

Everyone who’s ever been involved in running a trade show booth in Indianapolis has run into this very situation, where one attendee is taking up too much time and attention. For trade show staffers, Thompson suggests being prepared with some “exit lines:

  • “It was great talking with you..”
  • “I don’t want to keep you from seeing the rest of the booths…”
  • “Oh, it’s about time for the next breakout session to start..”
  • “I’ve been monopolizing you…”

No strangers to trade shows, our Mind Tripping performers Christian and Katalina are used to helping trade show staffers at both ends of a conversation, engaging, and, when necessary, DISengaging!

Drawing traffic flow to an exhibitor’s booth, we know, comes only as a result of careful preparation and skill. And, while as Jillian Axtell of livemarketing.com stresses, booth staffers need to be prepared to engage face-to-face with the company’s target audience, sometimes it takes special skill to end one conversation in order to be free to talk with other guests.

This is where Christian and Katalina can help. There’s a continuously flowing “dance” between trade show booth entertainers and staff, with each monitoring the booth to make sure to help when needed. “We’re pretty good at watching body language and recognizing when a staffer needs help,” says Katalina. “We jump right in and ask if the client might like to have some fun with us,” adds Christian.

Our master entertainers are there for that very purpose – to helping trade show booth staff engage – and sometimes disengage!


– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team


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