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Trade Show Traffic No Illusion

Mind Tripping Trade ShowsTrade shows can be a tremendous source of leads, contacts, industry information, and networking, worth many times more than the money spent, veteran trade show consultant Jane Thomson points out.  Still, she tells us, too often companies are disappointed in the results of their efforts because they haven’t mastered the intricacies of trade show marketing.

Here at the Mind Tripping Show, we’re no strangers to trade shows, and we can tell you that Thompson is absolutely correct – drawing traffic flow to an exhibitor’s booth comes only as a result of careful preparation and skill.

Of course, curiosity about the “mind reading” abilities of Christian and Katalina serves as a powerful draw, but there is a whole lot of fact-finding and planning before the trade show ever begins.

Jane Thompson has business owners ask themselves the following question before ever committing to exhibit at a trade show: “Where are you going and why are you there?” In other words, specific goals need to be set long before the show itself.  Is the purpose to gain leads? Acquire competitive intelligence?  Do market research? Learn about new technology?

Those are precisely the issues Christian and Katalina discuss with each of our clients when helping them plan to exhibit at a trade show. That way, when an event begins, the couple is able to work seamlessly with the company’s sales team. People are naturally drawn to the booth, where our well-prepared duo helps company reps interact with the guests, qualifying them as potential buyers or trade partners, gathering valuable intelligence even as all the Mind Tripping fun and mystery is going on.

Drawing traffic flow to an exhibitor’s booth is no magic, but the result of careful preparation along with “just a little bit” of Mind Tripping skill. And that’s no illusion!
– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team


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