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Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence

Mind Tripping Show Certificate of Excellence

How satisfied attendees are with any corporate event has a lot to do with the entertainment.  As a midwest meeting planner, you’ll find it reassuring to hire master entertainers rated as best by their audiences.

We don’t mean to boast, but, yes, here at the Mind Tripping Show, we’re very proud to have been Awarded the 2015 Certificate of Excellence by Trip Advisor. And why did we get this award? It was because of our fantastic reviews by our audiences. We are rated on Tripadvisor as #1 of 22 theater and concert events in Indianapolis!

The Mind Tripping show is actually Indianapolis’ longest-running show.  In addition to their public show, Christian and Katalina spend a good portion of their performance time providing entertainment and teambuilding exercises at corporate events throughout the Midwest and the nation.

One of the 258 reviewers gets to the heart of what most corporate event clients want to accomplish:

“Everyone in our party was well entertained and really felt good after seeing this show. The show had a good pace and the flow was smooth and fun!”

That “really felt good” part is significant when audience members are employees of a firm.  When, at the Mind Tripping show, audience members are interacting with each other, enjoying the surprises together, learning and bonding can take place.

Each presentation for a corporate event is tailored to that client’s precise objectives. Was an event planner in Louisville tasked with creating an employee appreciation event? Is the goal for a Cincinnati corporation to educate attendees about a new product or service offering?

On the Mind Tripping Show team, we know one thing: Corporate events have to help further corporate objectives!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events blog team

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