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Unexpected Entertainment

The Use Your Illusion albums represented a turning point in the sound of rock band Corporate Events Indianapolis BlogGuns N’ Roses, music critics said. Because the famous musical group was able to incorporate elements from different types of music, including blues, classical music, heavy metal, and punk rock, the albums were considered “more mature”.

Here at the Mind Tripping Show, we know how very important it is for Christian and Katalina to incorporate different elements into each performance, particularly for our audiences at corporate events. Part of the reason comes down to the power of surprise.

Think about it…Why did the Use Your Illusion albums proved so popular? At least part of the reason, in our opinion, was that they were not exactly what the Guns ‘N Roses fans were expecting. That element of surprise is powerful, as our Indianapolis corporate events attendees tell us time and time again.

Trainer Scott Schwertly says he and his wife have a love/hate relationship with Southwest Airlines.  “Their low fares are great, but we are seated like cattle,” he remarks.  What everybody loves about Southwest are the announcements:

  • “We love you.You love us. We’re much faster than the bus.”
  • “We hope you enjoy our hospitality. Marry one of us and you’ll fly free.”

What’s so special about announcements like those? They’re unexpected.

That’s precisely the principle at work at Mind Tripping corporate events. “We challenge people’s perceptions and violate their expectations about life,” assert Christian and Katalina.

But it’s because audience members are interacting with each other, enjoying the surprises together, they can laugh, learning and “bond” while having a really great time. 

A great time doing what? Why, using their illusions, of course!

– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team


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