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What your mind sees

penrose triangle

Penrose triangle, line design, vector illustration

“You could not survive if you were unable to tell the difference between a car wheel and a plate of chips,” remarks Nigel Rogers in the book Incredible Optical Illusions. “Every moment your eyes are open,” he goes on to say, “your mind is trying to interpret what you see…You cannot look at the world without your mind imposing its interpretation.”

It’s that very cleverness in recognition, though, that very ability which helps our eyes and brains make sense of the world, that allows us to be fooled by misleading clues, Rogers explains.

Our master entertainers Christian and Katalina think of the their corporate entertainment process as stretching your perspective. You come to realize that more possibilities exist in every aspect of life than perhaps you thought.

Rogers points to the famous Penrose Triangle illusion (see picture above), created in 1958 by two British professors of psychology. “Such impossibilities,” he concludes, tease our sense of perspective, raising questions of how far what we see is what we are conditioned to see.”

Those are precisely the questions Christian and Katalina have been raising for the past fifteen years at conferences, award ceremonies, and sales meetings, as audience members turn to each other in wonder and excitement, asking “Did that just happen, or was it just my imagination?”

Is that a wheel or a bag of chips? Only your mind-tripping corporate entertainers in Indianapolis know for sure!


– by Rebecca of the Corporate Events Indianapolis blog team

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