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Your Profession is Showing


It won’t be only the audience members having fun at this popular comedy-with-a-psychological-twist Midwest corporate entertainment offering – you event planners can participate, too.  A big part of the ”mind-reading “ that has made our husband and wife team so famous in the Midwest and around the world is their keen observation of what people say and the way they act after they’ve chosen to come up on stage.

Remember, the Mind Tripping show is a comedy with a psychological twist, and the audience is always part of the show.  While Christian and Katalina never fail to astound different people by accurately “guessing” their profession, the truth is, those participants are the ones who’ve given away their own “secrets”.

Leading co-workers to understand and relate to each other is a goal many event planning clients in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Louisville hope to accomplish. After studying today’s blog post, you can try this out for yourself. You’ll be ready to amaze new acquaintances by “intuiting” just what they do for a living.

Is he very focused on the topic of conversation, hardly ever laughing, giving short and to-the-point answers to each question?  Is he quick to correct little inaccuracies?  He’s probably an engineer. (When master illusionist Christian asks an audience member to hand him “that cup over there,”  “That’s a GLASS!” would be a typical engineer’s reply.)

Does she qualify each answer, saying “perhaps” or “it could be”, or “possibly”, rather than answering a question directly? She’s probably an attorney. “Nice party, isn’t it?” you might say, and she might respond with “It seems so…”.

Does your new acquaintance appear very much at ease being in close proximity with other people, maybe even touching your arm to emphasize a point?  He or she is probably a healthcare professional of some type.

Do you notice him trying to grab all the attention and steer the conversation?  It’s likely he’s a sales professional.

A caution is in order – Christian and Katalina have performed more than 2,000 shows over the past fifteen years.  You’re not likely to pick up profession-guessing overnight. But next time you’re at a party, a networking meeting, or celebration, try your hand at getting to know more about strangers than they’ve told you in words.

Meanwhile, listen to the audience members laugh as you watch our two master profession-guessers at work. Even though we’ve let you in on the secret, they will – and you will – experience a night of head-scratching, we can guarantee.
– by  Rebecca of the Corporate Events blog team


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